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Enhance the look of your home through custom features with the right woodworking projects.

Custom Railings Design in Saskatoon

Enhance the look of your home through custom features with the right woodworking projects. Homeowners and custom home builders are looking for ways to set their residences apart from other properties in the neighborhood have options. Among the most satisfying is custom railings because of the incredible amount of detail that goes into each piece.

From their high gloss finishes to their exquisite graining, wood railings transform spaces dramatically, giving them personality and versatility for years. Every unique piece created by hand makes use of a combination of older joinery techniques and innovative ways to work with and finish wood. That way, the finished product exceeds the customer’s high expectations and provides them a deep feeling of satisfaction for investing in custom railings for their home.

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Impeccable Artistry with Every Custom Order Placed

All of our railing and banister stock is built in-house in our custom woodwork shop here in Saskatoon. This has allowed us to take on highly specific and unique complex projects. One of our niche markets is milling and mating moldings and railings to houses built at the turn of the 18th century, due to stock no longer being available.

Unique Touches That Continue to Customize the Home

Custom railing design benefits are numerous and include unique railings that other home owners haven't seen before. Rather than purchasing premade wooden features, home owners opt to invest in custom woodworking services to add special touches to their homes. The benefit of investing in woodworking services is a visual aesthetic that people stop and admire when visiting family or friends. Wood pieces are classic in design, so they can continue to look outstanding in a home years after the initial installation process.

Modern Custom Railings Built To Last

Boreal Woodworkers makes beautifully designed, custom-made railings for high-end homes. Our designs are modern and innovative yet distinctive in any space. Boreal Woodworkers specializes in steel and wood construction giving you an unmatched touch of natural beauty that will impress you and your guests!

Railing Design Involves Input from the Customer

In many industries, the craftsperson calls the shots. Not with Boreal Woodworkers. The customer has input from start to finish, making the process a unique and memorable experience. The likelihood of people being satisfied with the final product presented to them by the woodworker increases exponentially because of the time the company puts into getting to know the customer, their preferences, and specifications for the project.

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